About Us

We are a small team who lives in Asia. We believe the purpose of learning a language is to acquire information.

When you learn a new language, you're not just learning a language, you are in a new world.


Burning Vocabulary was founded in Aug. 2019 when the founder found it painful for him to learn English. He is a software engineer. He was checking some English tech development documents. But he didn't know some of the words, so he wanted to collect these words that are new to him. He likes tweets from his following, he likes to check Google news, he likes reading Medium posts, etc. His brain loves news, tweets, posts, etc. So he remembered some of the vocabularies. He found out the method that works. Not only that, he believes it's the best way and fast way to master a language.

Mark the words you don't understand while surfing the web, faster and more effectively.

Expanding and connecting your vocabulary is our mission

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Just say "Hi team". We usually respond within 24 hours.

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