License expiration instructions

Thank you for using the Pro version. Our team has been working hard to improve our tool through innovation to solve the problem of difficult word memorization and insufficient vocabulary in a practical way.

We are encouraged by the positive feedback we have received from users in different countries.

Burning Vocabulary provides a free version and a Pro version. Please check the version comparison.

If your license expires, you have the following options

Option 1: Renew to continue using the Pro version

You can purchase a License on the price page and then renew it by going to "Add License" in Dashbaord. There is no need to worry about losing words in this process, you can log in through any of the Licenses you have purchased.

Option 2: Continue to use the free version

After the License expires, the features used will be rolled back to the free version, existing words will be retained. You can still use the free version (no time limit).

Option 3: Use the Pro version by invitation

If you have used the Pro version, you will have an invitation code. You can invite your friends to use the Pro version. Both you and your friends can get an extra 6 months of the Pro version.

Option 4: Export words

We are open to every user, and you can export all your collected words through Dashboard, by going to the Import page.

We believe that "the purpose of language learning is to get information", so we encourage language learners to get information through original text content.

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